Independent Consultancy specialising in 
Asbestos Related Matters.

Asbestos surveyors

Based in the Haywards Heath area covering London and the South East of England

Our main body of work is the surveying of buildings, taking of bulk samples for analysis and submitting a report on findings and recommendations. 

Other aspects of asbestos related work we carry out involves:

  • Writing Specifications for the removal of asbestos.

  • Verifying Method Statements submitted by removal contractors.

  • Assisting clients in choosing a competent asbestos removal contractor and if required representing the client for whom the Asbestos Removal Contractor is working.  This usually includes ensuring that all documentation is in place and correct and that the Contractor conforms to current legislation. 

We have also written an ‘Asbestos Awareness in the Work Place Course’ that is individually tailored to suit the company/authority for whom it is required.